The Thrift Doll is your source of inspiration of all things beauty, fashion, travel, and so much more. This blog shares how to’s of hair and makeup, skin care advice, and style tricks and tips without compromising budget. Katy Dy, the creator, curates the best and latest trends whether it’s from the drugstore or from the big brands. This is an open chronicle for the modern Filipina as she also talks about self-love, how to celebrate life with purpose, and how to survive adulting.


“Thrift” means the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully. Katy believes that it doesn’t matter what brand you wear, what matters is how you wear it and how you express your style.


Born and raised in Philippines, Katy Dy is a born artist, visual storyteller and pursuer of dreams. Her desire to inspire and empower women, and her obsession with skin care, finding the perfect mascara, and sundresses encouraged her to write for enthusiasts of the same interests.


Capturing the niche “buy less, choose well” philosophy across fashion, beauty and lifestyle, Katy effortlessly combines vintage aesthetic and minimal style that is wearable and relatable.

Katy started blogging on Instagram after graduating from college and centralized on beauty and fashion. This creative hobby is a happy place where she expresses her personal style and shares her adventures.


She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and pursued in the field of advertising and creative marketing. In some days, she practices watercolor drawings and digital art or reads a book. She talks to God daily and that’s what made her lovely.


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